UTMizer For Facebook Ads

The Thingamajiggen UTMIzer for Facebook Ads extension allows you to add all your required Google Analytics UTM tracking variables to your Facebook Ads with just… One… Click!

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Community Management of the comments of your Facebook Ads can be a game changer.

  • Increase engagement on your ads.
  • Lower your ad costs.
  • Painlessly build your brand persona.
  • Easily manage multiple brand pages.

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As far as we know Facealytics it the only application that connects Facebook Ads to Google Analytics (GA) allowing you compare the Google Analytics conversion data (which has a different attribution window) against Facebook's conversion data.

  • Sync Facebook Impression Data to GA
  • Sync Facebook Click Data to GA
  • Sync Facebook Cost Data to GA
  • Track GA Conversions

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Wickedly Woo

Two things that go great together. WooCommerce and Wicked Reports. If you know what we're talking about, you know.
If you don't know you can learn more about Wicked Reports … here

  • Sync WooCommerce Sales Data to WR
  • Sync WooCommerce Contact Data to WR

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