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Increase Your Productivity

Any process that is repeatable is automatable. Repetitive processes are like death by a thousand clicks of the mouse. Each of our Thingies aims to relieve the burden of repetition thus freeing up the valuable time of you or a team member to focus on high-leverage activities.

Grow Your Business

Whether through the time savings our Thingies can provide OR via the business intelligence data we administer we always have your bottom line in mind.

Save Your Money

Most SaaS providers are one trick ponies charging prices that are not necessarily inline with their value. We're different in that we offer A La Carte SaaS. Start with your ‘Base' Thingy that suits you best. Then, add additional Thingies you need at a discounted rate.

Behold Our Thingies


Imagine… all your Facebook Ads click and cost data in Google Analytics automagically.

So you can view reports with click, cost, conversion and revenue data (if you do eCommerce) at a Campaign, AdSet or Ad level alongside all your other valueable analytics.

With this Thingy that is exactly what you will have.

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Wickedly Woo

Two things that go great together. WooCommerce and Wicked Reports.

If you know what we're talking about, you know.

If you don't know you can learn more about Wicked Reports here

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p>Community Management of the comments of your Facebook Ads can be a game changer.

It increases engagement on your ad. Builds your brand persona and (we believe) lowers your ad cost.

Unfortunately, it also about as fun as driving a tabasco soaked rusted nail into your eye.

Coming Soon

Thingy X

We've always got something cooking.

The lastest may or may not be a kick ass dashboard for WooCommerce.

Got an idea for Thingy?

Give us a shout!

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Guys from thingamajiggen did outstanding job! They have the know-how that will solve every problem.

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